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Facts of Asian Women

There are many legitimate reasons why Asian women are worth your love, affection and your care. They are not beautiful dolls you can buy online. Here you can learn some basic facts about them.

Asian women are physically sexy and attractive.

Women, regardless of what ethnicity, all have an unique combination of physical features that make them attractive. With Asian women, many of them tend to have slimmer, smaller frames and more petite bodies. They usually have finer facial features too. So this combination can make Asian women stand out among others as it gives them a very feminine look.

Asian women tend to be more approachable.

Most beautiful Asian women are easier to approach than Western women. For example, if you are in Asia and simply give a girl a friendly smile and say something good to them in their languages, you will definitely get a smile back or a favorable reply. It is mostly because of their hospitality and culture. For example, Thailand is recognized as "The Land of Smiles" because people smile all the time. When you go to poor provinces in the Philippines, everyone, despite their hardships, will greet you with a friendly smile.

Asian women generally are more "shy" than Western women. "Shyness" means they are not used to the kissing and showing affection with their boyfriends in public. It is because the cultural backgrounds of their upbringing are different from in the West.

Asian women are virtuous and tolerant.

Most Asian women and girls are very courteous, feminine and tolerant, no matter whether they are from China, Thailand or the Philippines. It is unusual for them to quarrel with anyone over trivial things. In general, they can easily put down your anger whenever there is a misunderstanding as they are good in making peace.

Asian women are always willing to share their beloved's pressure and sorrow. If you are having difficulty or trouble in life and work, you can share it with her. If you care for each other, they are always ready to give you encouragement, comfort and support, and see it as an honor to be your significant other.

Asian women place a high value on relationships and have unconditional love for their family.

Asian women are close to their families and put great importance on their relationships with family members. If you date an Asian woman, you will be expected to be close with her family or even her extended family members, because many of them were educated by the traditional Asian values which put commitment and love toward their family.

So why is that the case? In many Asian countries, parents usually put more emphasis on teaching their kids family structures rather than on individuality. Even nowadays it is very often the case that women are responsible for households and take care of their family. It is because for Asians, it is important for them to put high values on relationships and unconditional love.

Asian women take pride in managing the household.

Most Asian women are excellent homemakers. A household run by an Asian woman is always going to be clean and organized. The meals will be prepared with care and love. They will take pride in keeping their living space clean and keeping their family well-fed. Also, they believe in working hard in order to provide a better future for their families.

Of course, we must remind that the above views are spoken in general terms. Are all Asian women passionately loyal and committed to their relationships? Of course not. But mostly, they are smart, self-sufficient, opinionated and strong. Yet, at the same time, they radiate pure femininity. Asian women always make men feel the way they are supposed to feel.

Tips for Success: Dating Asian woman

Respect is a vital aspect to any date, and especially so with someone from another culture. Whether speaking online or meeting for the first time, respect an Asian woman's cultural identity and traditions, making sure to do what is comfortable for them. If you're dating an Asian woman, knowing the following tips may increase your chances of success.

  • Be yourself and express what makes you special. If you try to gloss up every aspect of your personality it will only serve to harm your relationship in the long run. Let your Asian woman like you for who you are, and not for who you think you should be.
  • But by all means, you should be on your best manners and behavior. This always goes when you’re exchanging mails, chatting or dating. Silly antics or vulgar language that might be amusing to a western girl will turn off your Asian beauty in a heartbeat.
  • Don't try to be the center of your conversation. Talk about your Asian woman. Ask questions and show a genuine interest in who she is and what she likes and does. Don't ask in half-hearted way, Most Asian women complain that men do not really listen to them, instead they keep hearing about how good the men were or what car they drive, etc.
  • Keep in close communication with Asian woman, and remind yourself frequently that you will let her wait and worry about you. Try to learn some of her language to express love. In this way, you can make Asian woman feel close with you.
  • When talking online or planning your date, decide on something specific to do or to discuss. Don't take the easy way out and tell your Asian woman to choose herself. She is expecting you to take the lead, especially early in the relationship.
  • Show an interest in Asian culture and be eager to learn more about local traditions in your Asian woman's country. Never joke about or belittle her culture - even if it sounds funny to you, she won't be amused. Also, do not refer to your Asian woman as Asian or her ethnicity because you are dealing with a unique individual human being and not a general group of people.
  • Keep in mind that cultural differences also extend to intimacy. For example, an Asian lady might want to say "I love you" or want to kiss you, but could be holding back because her culture tells her to have a reserved manner and to be shy. Read her heart and go with what she's telling you. And please avoid controversial subjects like sex, and never discuss your past girlfriends.
  • Above all, treat her like a lady - be a gentleman at all times. Asian women expect their men to be courteous and considerate at all times. Pay sincere compliments and your Asian lady will know if you have enjoyed your communication and want to see her again. Hopefully she will feel the same way too.

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