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Cost & Budget
Date on a budget

An increasing number of people are going online to find love, while some sites charge you and some don't. So you may spend nothing on meeting someone but some sites are terribly dangerous which may require you to splash thousands of dollars. Cash won't buy you love, so make your next date affordable as well as enjoyable.

Credit System

Differing from average big bucks dating sites which offer monthly or annual membership packages, AsiaMatch works on a credit system. You pay for credits. With credits, you can use various features on, such as Mail and Live Chat. You don't pay on a monthly basis. Credits are deducted from your account when you use the service. In other words, there is no upper limit on how much you can spend on the site and your bills will roll. Sounds dangerous, doesn't it? Take it easy. The system can be pricey but it all depends on you use it.


Credits are deducted from your account. That means that when you write or receive a letter, credits stored in your account will be deducted. Since each letter is paid, AsiaMatch forms a unique payment model which enables you to meet singles you are most compatible with, who are most sincere. Mail and Live Chat conversations tend to be more sincere as credits are deducted on the quantity or time basis. So it puts you in control, which can be helpful for people who are just about to search for true love. They usually share their values and beliefs with each other.

Many other dating sites charge people a fixed amount. It doesn't matter how many people they have written to and they will still be charged the same. But with the credit system, as every letter is counted, it is better for people to withstand a long time to make a commitment. And stable communication processes are ensured because they eliminate the time for you to screen out unsuitable daters.


It can be expensive if you do not communicate sincerely. AsiaMatch always encourages you to put your dating cost in a budget. First, you are responsible for the pace and contents of all communications. So, if you are unaware of that, you will probably spend a lot on the site.

How to spend wisely on the site

Be rich in the context of your mail and conversations: As the definition "rich" goes, a longer mail can thoroughly express yourself and give a good impression for your attentiveness. A bonus, of course, is to save credits for combining a bunch of elements or qualities of you. Don't write what is expected in everyone's love letter, that is, a collection of clichés like "I love you. Do you love me too?" These ordinary messages can be contained in the Cupid Note and it doesn't make any sense to spend credits on it.

Don't rush for private contact information, which is the most direct way to save money for credit expenses. We encourage you to request a lady's contact information when her English improves. However, we are very much against the rush for personal contact information in the early stages of communication. It is a better idea to ask for her contact information later. Make sure you do it when you think the whole relationship is starting to mature. Remember, thorough communication is the key.

Be attracted to one lady - the more Asian women you are attracted to, the more credits you will need to spend. Likewise, the amount of time and effort in building up a relationship with the ladies is distributed, equally or unequally. Obviously it takes you longer to find your special someone, not to mention spending extra credits. If you write to two Asian women or more, who are all from the same agency, it could happen that they will know about it. Though the agency won't disclose the contents of the mails, meetings between members are common. And it is highly possible that the ladies will know exactly who you are writing to and then all of you will be caught up in a very embarrassing moment. So, you are strongly recommended to write mails to less than 5 ladies.

Use the "Block" function, but only when necessary - when you no longer want to receive mail from a lady, you can use the "Block" function. Unlike other sites, AsiaMatch strongly feels that it is polite to write to the ladies first about her unsuitability before using the "Block" function, if you previously conversed with them. Ladies on our site take things very personally and cutting the communication can be interpreted as a very cold response. So, before clicking on the button, please think twice.

Buy more credits and enjoy discounts - for a one-time purchase of 50 credits, you can enjoy almost a 50% discount, compared to the minimum of 4 credits required to purchase at one time.

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