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Credit and Price

 1. What is credit?
Credit is a token of AsiaMatch, which allows you to enjoy a host of paid services and features, such as Mail Correspondence, Live Chat etc.

With credit, you can avoid complicated payment procedures each time you enjoy our paid services. Click here to buy credits.
 2. How does the credit system work on AsiaMatch?
Our credit system allows members to purchase multiple credits with one payment via credit card or PayPal. This credit system allows members to purchase credits today and store them in your account for future use.

Click here to purchase credits.
 3. What is the price of a credit? Is there a discount?
There is a list of credit prices on our ordering page.

There are different purchasing options for you. The more you purchase at once, the more you save for each credit.
 4. Will my credits expire? How is the validity date calculated?
According to the Terms of Use, credit can be used for 180 days from the date of purchase. Credit older than 180 days will expire.

The validity date is calculated based on the date of last purchase. For each new purchase, AsiaMatch will reset the expiry date to 180 days from this purchase date.

For example, 3 credits are due to expire in 20 days. You have purchased 10 more credits. The total 13 credits will be active for another 180 days.
 5. Where can I check my credit ordering and spending history?
Log in to AsiaMatch and go to History in the credits section. You will then be presented with a table listing all the recent credit history and purchase records of your account.
 6. Is there a monthly payment service?
Sorry, we do not have any monthly or annual membership packages on

Instead, we adopt a credit system which charges you service fees. You need to pay for each mail you write and receive via our mailing system. In this way, it is more likely that you treat the mail seriously and make it worthwhile. This is also the reason why we achieve a higher success rate from our unique payment model.
 7. Are there any refund policies with respect to my credit purchases?
Normally, fees paid are non-refundable, unless for the reasons stated in our refund policy, or for other reasons deemed acceptable to us.

To learn more, please click here.

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