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Profile Basics

 1. How can I set up a profile to use this site?
If you are not yet a member, you can start by joining for free. If you are already a member, just click on My Profile.

Follow the instructions, complete all the fields and upload a picture of yourself. Then your profile will be checked and approved by our support staff before it becomes visible to the ladies.
 2. Is my profile posted? How do the women view my profile?
All newly updated profiles of members must be checked and approved by us before they become visible to agencies. Profiles are usually checked within 24 hours.

Asian women access AsiaMatch's male profiles in local agencies and not by browsing profiles on
 3. Can I change my profile information?
Yes. Go to the My Profile section and follow the instructions.

Please note that you cannot change your name, date of birth, country of residence or current relationship status. These fields cannot be changed because we hope our male members conduct themselves with a high degree of honesty and respect.

If you require assistance, please contact us.
 4. Can I hide my profile temporarily?
Yes. Go to the Profile Status page of your profile and change the status from “visible” to “hidden”. You can switch this back to “visible” at any time.
 5. I’ve hidden my profile. Can I still contact the ladies or enjoy other services?
Yes, you can still contact Asian women after hiding your profile and continue to send Cupid Notes, Mail and view the photo gallery.

However, if your profile is hidden, you will not receive admirer mails because the local agencies will not be able to view your profile.
 6. What is the profile approval guideline? Why was my profile rejected?
AsiaMatch reserves the right to hide, delete or modify unacceptable profiles. Amongst other reasons, we reserve the right to delete or modify profiles that:
- Contain contact information such as email addresses, URLs, ICQ / instant messenger IDs, phone numbers, etc.
- Contain abusive language of any kind (e.g. vulgarity, racism)
- Are illegal, e.g. under 18 years of age or solicit contact from people under 18 years old.

Please refer to our Terms of Use for full details.
 7. Will any of my contact information be exposed?
No! Your contact information provided to us during registration is only collected by AsiaMatch. No personally identifiable information is ever displayed on your public profile. See our Privacy Policy for further details.

For your privacy and safety, we suggest that your self-description field does not contain any contact information, such as email addresses, instant messenger nicknames, telephone numbers, postal addresses, URLs or full names.
 8. What does it mean by "visible" and "hidden"?
Once you have set your profile status as “visible”, your profile will be listed in agencies which are currently cooperating with us. They will introduce your profile to our Asian ladies and you may receive admiration mail from them.

If you have set your profile status as “Hidden”, your profile will not to be introduced to new ladies. It will only be visible to ladies with whom you are already in correspondence.

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