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Love Call

 1. How do I make a call?
i. After confirming the request, go to the Scheduled Calls page.
ii. Select your confirmed request and note the Love Call ID.
iii. Dial our operation center number +852 3726 0808.
iv. Follow the instructions and enter the Love Call ID within 25 seconds, followed by #.
v. You will be connected to the lady in a three-way conference call with a translator.
 2. Can I call a lady if I haven’t written to her yet?
Yes. Click on the "Call Me" button under the lady’s profile. You will be directed to send her an EMF message. In the message, please introduce a little bit about yourself, state the time you wish to call (preferably her local time), then send the message as an invitation.

Alternatively, you can click on the "Express EMF Mail" button to send her an invitation.

Once she accepts your invitation, please accept the call request as soon as possible.
 3. How do I schedule a time for a Love Call with a lady?
You can schedule a time for a call with the lady through EMF correspondence.

Please note that there may be a time difference between you and the lady, so make sure that you schedule a time which suits both of you.
 4. When should I call the lady?
To make sure that the translator and the lady are well-prepared for the call, you are strongly recommended to make a request at least 24 hours before the scheduled call time (i.e. the time you wish to call the lady).

Make sure that you know the time difference between you and the lady. You are strongly recommended to state clearly the exact time of the call in your invitation mail.

To find out the time difference between you the lady, please click here.
 5. Can I re-confirm a Love Call request which I previously rejected?
Yes. Please go to the Declined Requests page to re-confirm the call as instructed.

Attention: Please reconfirm a call at least one hour prior to the scheduled call time.
 6. Where can I get the Love Call ID?
After you have confirmed the Love Call request, go to the Scheduled Call page and you will see the 8-digit long Love Call ID.

Please note that each call is assigned with a different Love Call ID. Before making a call, please make sure that you enter the correct Love Call ID.
 7. Will the Love Call ID expire?
Yes. It will expire two hours after the scheduled call time.

It is valid two hours before the scheduled call time and will expire two hours after the scheduled call time. Repeated calls during this period are allowed.
 8. Is translation provided during the call?
Yes. We will connect you to the translator first and then to the lady. A three-way call is made.

A three-way call with a translator can help you solve the problems brought by language differences.
 9. I didn’t place the call on time. Can I place a call again?
You may make repeated calls to the lady during the validity period - two hours before the scheduled call time until two hours after the scheduled call time.

However, you cannot use the same Love Call ID to make a call outside the validity period. To do so, please invite the lady again.
 10. What are the calling rates of the Love Call service?
You must use credits to pay for the Love Call service, so before placing a call, please ensure that you have sufficient credits in your account.

The total charge consists of two parts: Reservation Fee and Airtime Charge (per minute). After you confirm each Love Call, 1 non-refundable credit will be deducted from your account for the Reservation Fee. Then you will be charged 1 credit per minute for the airtime charge, starting from when all three parties - you, the lady and the translator - are connected.

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