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Live Chat

 1. What is Live Chat and how much does it cost?
Live Chat is an instant messaging service with which you can use to express your feelings for your lady by text and emoticons. You can see which of your ladies are online and simply start chatting.

The charge of using the Live Chat service is 0.5 credits per 5 minutes. Billing starts once you begin a chat, and stops when you simply close your dialogue box.
 2. What is Online Status?
You can set your online status when you sign in to your account and change it at any time. There are two types of status: "Visible" and "Invisible".

Visible: Ladies can see you online and initiate conversation with you via Live Chat.

Invisible: Ladies cannot see you online or initiate conversation with you via Live Chat. That is to say, you can avoid uninvited conversations. But still, you can select the ladies you wish to chat and start your conversation with them.
 3. Can I chat with anyone on the site?
As long as the lady is online, you can invite her to begin a chat with you.

It is a live service, so only ladies and gentlemen who are both online simultaneously are able to chat to each other. If the lady with whom you wish to chat is not online, you can send her a mail via our Mail Correspondence Service to appoint a time to chat later.
 4. Do I need to download anything to use Live Chat?
Yes, you will need to install Flash Plug-In in order to use this service. If you do not have Flash installed, a message will appear suggesting that you install this free software.
 5. What information can be exchanged via Live Chat?
You can introduce yourself to her (if you have not already done so), find out more about her, her personality, interests, family, perspectives, life, etc.

Do not post any contact information (email/instant messenger address, home phone/address, etc.). is well recognized as a meaningful place where people make connections and foster healthy relationship. Please follow the Member Guidelines when using Live Chat.
 6. How do I communicate with the lady if she does not know English?
The Live Chat service provides members with two modes: Direct-Communication Mode (for ladies whose English is of a better standard and who can communicate directly with gentlemen) and Translator-Assisted Mode (for ladies whose English is of a lower standard and who cannot communicate directly with gentlemen).

If her English is good enough she can choose to communicate with you directly. If not, she will be assigned a translator who will connect to you both when you want to chat and your text will be translated live. Each message transmitted during the conversation is sent to the translator, translated, and then transmitted to the recipient.

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